Açai & Smoothie Bowls

All Açaí bowls are blended with organic Açaí, banana and strawberries
$8.99  16oz



587 calories

•Granola  •Banana •Strawberry  •Nutella

Blend Original

527 calories

•Strawberry  •Banana •Granola  •Honey


507 calories

•Granola  •Pineapple  •Coconut Flakes  •Honey


606 calories

•Granola  •Pineapple  •Coconut Flakes  •Banana •Honey

Peanut Butter

628 calories

•Granola  •Peanut Butter  •Banana •Cacao 

Slamma Jamma

478 calories

•Pineapple  •Kiwi •Blueberry  •Granola •Honey

Nutter Butter

645 calories

•Banana  •Peanut Butter  •Nutella •Granola

Bahama Mama

536 calories

•Pineapple  •Strawberries  •Honey •Granola

Açai bowls

coconut bowls

All bowls are blended with coconut and coconut milk topped with granola.
$8.99  16oz


Coco Piña

704 calories

•Pineapple  •Banana •Coconut Flakes  •Honey


641 calories

•Blueberries  •Kiwi •Pineapple  •Honey

Almond Joy

1025 calories

•Coconut Flakes  •Almonds •Banana  •Nutella

Pitaya Dragon fruit bowls

All bowls are blended with Pitaya, banana and mango topped with granola.
$8.99  16oz

Pacific Vibe

533 calories

•Banana  •Blueberry  •Coconut Flakes  •Honey

Pink Dragon

433 calories

•Strawberry  •Banana •Kiwi  •Honey

Green Pitaya

208 calories

•Half Green Half Pink  •Pineapple •Strawberry •Kiwi

Beach Time

417 calories

•Pineapple •Kiwi •Coconut Flakes •Blueberry •Honey

Smoothie bowls

$8.99  16oz

Green Power Bowl

449 calories

Blended: •Kale •Banana •Mango

Toppings: •Blueberry •Kiwi •Coconut Flakes •Honey •Granola

Very Berry Bowl

351 calories

Blended: •Strawberry •Raspberry •Blueberry  •Banana

Toppings: •Strawberry  •Blueberry •Honey •Granola

Sunset Bowl

271 calories

Blended: •Mango •Orange •Pineapple

Toppings: •Pineapple •Orange •Banana •Coconut Flakes  •Granola

Oh Yeah!! Peanut Butter

772 calories

Blended: •Peanut Butter •Banana

Toppings: •Strawberry •Banana •Nutella •Granola

Blue Ocean $9.99

292 calories

Blended: •Mango •Banana •Blue Majik Spirulina

Toppings: •Blueberry •Coconut Flakes •Banana •Granola

Unicorn $9.99

277 calories

Blended: •Mango •Banana •Blue Majik Spirulina, Half Pitaya Dragon Fruit Base

Toppings: •Strawberry •Blueberry •Coconut •Pineapple •Granola

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