Avocado Toasts

Spicy Sriracha $6.95

311 calories

•Mashed Avocado •Crumbled Feta •Drizzled Sriracha

Caprese $6.95

337 calories

•Mashed Avocado •Tomato •Squeezed Lemon

Green Krunch $7.95

311 calories

•Mashed Avocado •Mixed Nuts •Craisins •Chia Seeds

The Tuscan $7.99

495 calories

•Mashed Avocado •Spinach •Tomatoes •Parmesan •Grilled Chicken

Zesty Pesto $7.49

333 calories

•Mashed Avocado •Spinach •Pesto •Mozzarella

Handcrafted Paninis

Italiano $7.99

495 calories

•Spinach •Tomato •Pesto

•Mozzarella •Olive Oil

The Vegan $7.99

323 calories

•Spinach •Onion

•Carrot •Avocado •Tomato •Hummus

Garlic Aioli $7.99

495 calories

•Spinach •Tomato •Grilled Chicken •Garlic Aioli 

Avocado Pesto $7.99

405 calories

•Avocado •Spinach •Pesto •Onion

•Mozzarella •Grilled Chicken

Avocado Toasts
& Paninis

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