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Sm $5.49 Med $6.49 Lg $7.49


Banana Berry

245 calories, 305 calories, 353 calories

•Strawberry •Banana •Nonfat Vanilla Yogurt

Peanut Butter Delight

570 calories, 630 calories, 696 calories

•Peanut Butter •Apple •Banana •Strawberry •Almond Milk

Stress Minimizer

214 calories, 272 calories, 334 calories

•Spinach •Apple •Honey •Banana •Green Tea

Energy Booster

231 calories, 232 calories, 233 calories

•Blueberry •Apple •Pineapple •Grapes •Almond Milk

Bye Bye Belly

179 calories, 239 calories, 299 calories

•Berry Medley •Banana •Beets •Almond Milk

Berry Good

240 calories, 300 calories, 348 calories

•Berry Medley •Banana •Nonfat Vanilla Yogurt

Pineapple Blast

247 calories, 307 calories, 367 calories

•Pineapple •Orange •Banana •Coconut Milk

Tropical Blend

126 calories, 147 calories, 167 calories

•Pineapple •Mango •Kiwi •Coconut Milk

Green Machine

153 calories, 213 calories, 273 calories

•Kale •Apple •Banana •Green Tea


Detox Berry

174 calories, 234 calories, 294 calories

•Berry Medley •Spinach •Banana •Almond Milk

Love My Body

204 calories, 220 calories, 236 calories

•Mango •Orange •Pineapple •Nonfat Vanilla Yogurt



Starting at $6.49

Peanut Butter Banana

583 calories, 643 calories

•Peanut Butter •Banana •Protein

Spinach Shake

590 calories, 650 calories

•Spinach •Banana •Peanut Butter •Protein

Strawberry Banana

238 calories, 286 calories

•Strawberry •Banana •Protein

Blueberry Banana

275 calories, 323 calories

•Blueberry •Banana •Protein


380 calories, 390 calories

•Peanut Butter •Grapes •Banana •Protein

Coffee Shake

257 calories, 317 calories

•Banana •Coffee •Caramel •Nutella

Green Shake

312 calories, 372 calories

•Kale •Banana •Protein

Chocolate Granola

506 calories, 566 calories

•Granola •Banana •Cinnamon •Protein

Granola Shake

576 calories, 726 calories

•Granola •Cinnamon •Protein


320 calories, 353 calories

•Orange •Vanilla Yogurt •Protein

Piña Colada

476 calories, 626 calories

•Pineapple •Orange •Coconut Flakes

fresh pressed Juices

16oz $6.49 20oz $7.49 24oz $8.49

Daily Detox

197 calories, 209 calories, 240 calories

•Carrot •Cucumber •Apple •Ginger •Lemon

Fat Burner

170 calories, 172 calories, 176 calories

•Cucumber •Celery •Apple •Ginger •Lemon

Very Green

173 calories, 179 calories, 185 calories

•Cucumber •Celery •Spinach •Kale •Apple

Metabolism Booster

187 calories, 253 calories, 300 calories

•Carrot •Apple •Ginger •Lemon •Cayenne Pepper

Crave Crusher

221 calories, 245 calories, 268 calories

•Carrot •Spinach •Apple •Ginger

Blend Classic

346 calories, 459 calories, 501 calories

•Romaine •Orange •Apple •Kale •Spinach

Tropical Dream

369 calories, 385 calories, 400 calories

•Carrot •Apple •Pineapple

Super Veggie

260 calories, 276 calories, 291 calories

•Kale •Spinach •Beet •Pineapple •Carrot

Wellness Shots


Wheatgrass Shot

•Juiced Wheatgrass

Ginger Wellness

•Ginger Root •Lemon •Turmeric

Iron Me Up

•Pressed Beet •Spirulina Algae

Cold Remedy

•Wheatgrass •Lemon •Ginger Root


•Apple Cider Vinegar •Lemon •Cayenne


•Orange •Turmeric •Cayenne


All Lemonades are sweetened with all-natural Agave


Strawberry Lemonade

Blueberry Mint Lemonade

Charcoal Lemonade

•with Activated Charcoal

Matcha Lemonade

•with Matcha Green Tea

Cucumber Lemonade

Blue Majik Lemonade

•with Blue Majik Spirulina

Mango Lemonade

Dragon Fruit Lemonade

Classic Lemonade

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