signature Salads

signature Salads


Santa Fe Salad       $8.49

*Spring Mix   *Black Beans  *Corn  *Tomatoes              *Grilled Chicken  *Zesty Chipotle Ranch 

Mexican Quinoa       $8.95

*Spring Mix   *Tomatoes  *Onions  *Avocado  *Corn  *Black Beans  *Quinoa  *Grilled Chicken  *Squeezed Lemon

Sweet Krunch       $8.95

*Kale  *Spinach  *Broccoli  *Carrots  *Craisins  *Chopped Apples  *Sunflowers  *Grilled Chicken  *Miso Asian Vinaigrette

Powerhouse       $8.49

*Spinach   *Carrots  *Onions  *Peppers  *Crumbled  Feta  *Tomatoes  *Cucumber  *Grilled Chicken  *Garlic Balsamic Vinaigrette  

Buffalo Chicken       $8.49

*Cut Romaine   *Tortilla Strips  *Shredded Carrots   *Crumbled  Bleu Cheese  *Grilled Chicken  *Sriracha Ranch  

  Blend Caesar     $8.49

*Cut Romaine   *Parm  *Rye and Pumpernickel Croutons  *Grilled Chicken  *Caesar Dressing 

Veggie Buddha Bowl      $8.95

*Kale   *Spinach  *Avocado  *Corn  *Tomatoes  *Sweet Potato  *Black Beans  *Garlic Balsamic  Vinaigrette  *Squeezed Lemon

Mixy Chipotle Salad      $8.95

*Spring Mix   *Cut Romaine  *Bacon  *Basil *Tomatoes  *Grilled Chicken  *Zesty Chipotle  Ranch

Apple Harvest      $8.95

Apple Harvest      $8.95

*Spring Mix   *Chopped Apples  *Walnuts   *Craisins  *Crumbled Bleu Cheese  *Balsamic Vinaigrette

The Caribbean     $8.95

*Spring Mix   *Pineapple Pico De Gallo  *Avocado  *(6) Grilled Shrimps  *Craisins  *Mandarin  Oranges  *Honey Lime Herb Vinaigrette

*Spring Mix   *Pineapple Pico De Gallo  *Avocado  *(6) Grilled Shrimps  *Craisins  *Mandarin  Oranges  *Honey Lime Herb Vinaigrette

signature wraps

Tex Mex      $7.99

Tex Mex      $7.99

Hey Caesar     $7.99


*Southwestern Tortilla   *Spinach  *Avocado  *Tomatoes  *Corn  *Black Beans  *Grilled Chicken  *Zesty Chipotle Ranch 

*Low Carb Tortilla  *Romaine  *Parmesan  *Grilled Chicken  *Caesar Dressing

Krispy Cheddar      $7.99

Krispy Cheddar      $7.99

*Southwestern Tortilla  *Mesclun  *Tomato Basil  *Cheddar  *Breaded Chicken  *Honey Mustard

Rocking Buffalo      $7.99

*Whole Wheat Tortilla. *Romaine  *Cheddar  *Drizzled Sriracha Ranch  *Buffalo  Grilled Chicken

Tuna Melt    $7.99

Tuna Melt    $7.99

Tuna Melt    $7.99

*Black Bean Tortilla  *Albacore Tuna  *Spinach  *Melted Cheddar  *Tomato Basil

Texas Smokehouse   $7.99

*Southwestern Tortilla  *Mesclun  *Cheddar  *Tomato  *BBQ Grilled Chicken  *Drizzle Sriracha Ranch

Mediterranean      $8.49

        *Spinach Tortilla  *Mesclun  *Cheddar  *Tomato Basil                *(6) Grilled Shrimp  *Squeezed Lemon  *Balsamic Vinaigrette

Green Veggie   $7.99

*Spinach Tortilla  *Hummus  *Onions  *Peppers  *Mesclun  *Tomato Basil  *Avocado  *Balsamic Vinaigrette

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chicken wrap.jpg