Salads & Wraps

Signature Salads

Santa Fe Salad $9.49

654 calories

•Spring Mix •Black Beans •Corn •Tomatoes •Grilled Chicken •Zesty Chipotle Ranch 

Blend Caesar $9.49

448 calories

•Cut Iceberg •Parmesan •Rye and Pumpernickel Croutons •Grilled Chicken •Caesar Dressing 

Powerhouse $9.49

388 calories

•Spinach •Carrots •Zesty Onions •Peppers •Crumbled Feta •Tomatoes •Cucumber •Grilled Chicken  •Garlic Balsamic Vinaigrette  

Buffalo Chicken $9.49

779 calories

•Cut Iceberg •Tortilla Strips •Shredded Carrots •Crumbled Bleu Cheese •Grilled Chicken  •Sriracha Ranch  

Veggie Buddha Bowl $8.95

283 calories

•Kale •Spinach •Avocado •Corn •Tomatoes •Sweet Potato •Black Beans •Garlic Balsamic Vinaigrette •Squeezed Lemon

The Caribbean $9.95

341 calories

•Spring Mix •Pineapple Pico De Gallo •Avocado  •(6) Grilled Shrimp •Craisins •Mandarin Oranges •Honey Lime Herb Vinaigrette

Signature Wraps

Tex Mex $8.49

604 calories

•Southwestern Tortilla •Spinach •Avocado •Tomatoes •Corn •Black Beans •Grilled Chicken  •Zesty Chipotle Ranch 


Hey Caesar $7.99

506 calories

•Low Carb Tortilla •Iceberg •Parmesan •Grilled Chicken •Caesar Dressing


Krispy Cheddar $8.29

592 calories

•Southwestern Tortilla •Spring Mix •Tomatoes •Cheddar •Breaded Chicken •Honey Mustard


Rocking Buffalo $8.29

797 calories

•Whole Wheat Tortilla •Iceberg •Cheddar •Drizzled Sriracha Ranch •Buffalo Grilled Chicken


Tuna Melt $7.99

589 calories

•Spinach Tortilla •Albacore Tuna •Spinach •Melted Cheddar •Tomatoes


Texas Smokehouse $8.29

592 calories

•Southwestern Tortilla  •Spring Mix •Cheddar •Tomatoes •BBQ Grilled Chicken •Drizzled Sriracha Ranch


Mediterranean $8.79

356 calories

•Spinach Tortilla •Spring Mix •Cheddar •Tomatoes •(6) Grilled Shrimp •Squeezed Lemon  •Balsamic Vinaigrette


Tofu Veggie $8.99

842 calories

•Spinach Tortilla •Everything Hummus •Zesty Onions •Peppers •Spring Mix •Tomatoes •Avocado •Avocado Chimmichurri

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